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Delight yourself or impress your guests with these traditional and delicious favorites for Christmas!
Basic recipes to prepare different types of dough and pastry, which combined with other ingredients can make a perfect dessert.
For a special occasion, a special cake. We apply all our imagination to make the best cakes with the widest variety of fillings, icings, frostings and toppings. We suggest different decorations that will make your cakes look fabulous.
Sweet mixtures of flour, eggs, butter or margarine, sugar and other ingredients, which are baked. They can have a variety of fillings and coatings according to the occasion.
Different recipes to provide your desserts and sweet dishes with a finishing touch that will not only decorate them but also enrich their flavour.
Mixtures of eggs and milk, sweetened and flavoured, baked or boiled. They thicken with the use of cornstarch or flour. Most of them are served chilled.
Soft sweet mixtures of milk, sugar and eggs baked over another tin with 2 to 3 cm of water until set, generally prepared in pudding molds coated with caramel and served chilled.
A wide variety of sweet dishes for the youngest is provided in this section. We present different recipes with healthy ingredients like honey, oats, wholemeal flour in appealing and yummy Preparations which your kids will simply love.
Sweet courses where fruits are used in different combinations. These fruity desserts are very much enjoyed by children and adults alike.
Liqueurs are the result of the maceration of fruits, herbs and essences in alcohol or alcoholic drinks. They are taken in small quantities as they are strong and very sweet.
Cool, refreshing desserts enjoyed by everyone. They make the perfect finish to a summer day or why not any day of the year. Eggs, milk, cream, sugar or fruits and other ingredients can be used to prepare these cool desserts.
Sorbets, tarts, sponge cakes and all types of delights in this section show how favourite desserts can still be enjoyed without guilt. Low in calories and light in texture, these desserts can make the perfect finish even if you are not on a diet.
The mixture and prolonged boiling of different combinations of fruits in water and sugar is the basis for any good marmalade or jam. They can be stored in tins, pots or jars and are a useful ingredient to prepare the most delicious sweet dishes.
Flavoured creams and frothy mixtures, prepared with beaten eggs. Soufflés are baked and served warm while mousses are served chilled.
Mixture of eggs, flour and milk, cooked in a lightly greased frying pan or on a crepe pan. They can be combined with different fruits, syrups, creams, and fillings and they can be easily folded or rolled up.
Creams or fruits covered with pastry, baked in deep dishes. Sweet and crusty, they can be enjoyed after a good meal, in a picnic or at tea time. They can be filled before or after baking, covered or uncovered but they are all equally delicious.
Cakes, prepared with a basic mixture of butter and sugar that generally have glacé fruits, raisins or nuts. And soft sweet mixtures baked in oven on their own or over another tin with 2 to 3 cm of water.
This section has been especially created for Diabetics to have the opportunity to indulge with delicious desserts harmless to their health.
Select, exclusive delights for the gourmets. They will satisfy even the best palates. If you have a sweet tooth, you can't miss this section.

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Here you will find those recipes which have generously been shared with us by our visitors. Your contributions enrich our web site and make it a place for friendly exchange, where we can continue to learn from one another.
Pastry prepared with a few ingredients and following a certain procedure, once rolled out on a surface, it is extremely thin, almost transparent. This pastry can be used for different recipes but the most popular is the apple strudel.
Sweet treats which are characterized by their small size. You will find cookies of different flavours, filled with creams, profiteroles, florentines, truffles, pinwheels, tuiles, muffins and others in this section.

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